Dot Braille Smart Watch

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The First Smart Braille Watch



The First Smart Braille Watch

Quick Overview

    1. Digital Braille Time & Tactile Time Check time in complete privacy.
    2. Stop Watch: Braille stopwatch & Tactile stopwatch
    3. Braille education Learn to read from the very basic.
    4. Live Smarter
    5. Read notifications

Simultaneously check notification and listen to music.

    1. Find your phone.

Easily locate your phone with the Dot Watch.

    1. Check calls

Find out who is calling you on the Dot Watch.

  1. Smart functions – Braille mode & Tactile mode
  2. Alarm; Stay ahead of time, don’t be late for anything.
  3. Long battery life; Up to 1 week, enjoy long battery life.

“The Dot watch has numerous benefits that only it provides. For example, if I am hanging out
with my friends and I get a text on my phone, I cannot check it without the screen reader on
the phone reading it outloud to me – and anyone else within ear shot. But the Dot watch
allows me to discretely check my messages without announcing them to the whole world.”
– Luke Seibert from USA
“With the Dot Watch,
I set up two alarm times, which indicated to me when a teaching phase had to be finished.
No one else had noticed the watch’s vibrations. It helped me a lot!”
– Alexa Nitsch from Germany

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