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Serene CentralAlert Baby Sound Sensor

Get Alerted When Your Baby Cries

Product ID #931004


Rs. 3999 /-

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Available Options : Yes

  • Quantity:

  • Monitors baby sounds in real time (stops when baby is quiet)

  • Sends wireless signal to CA-360 system to alert you of cry

  • Adjustable sensitivity minimizes false alarms

  • Operating Range: Up to 200 feet

  • Accessory for your CentralAlert CA-360 system

The Serene Central Alert Baby Sound Sensor (CA-BX) monitors the sound of your baby on a real time basis and sends a wireless signal to trigger the CA360 notification system to alert you. It stops when your baby stops making any noise. this baby monitor offers adjustable sensitivity, false alarms are minimized, and you are alerted only when you are really needed. Note: This item will not work on its own. It is an option for use for the CentralAlert CA-360 notification system (available for purchase separately).

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