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Uncle Goose Braille Alphabet Building Blocks

Braille ABC Wooden Building Blocks

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  • Educational Braille ABC Building Blocks
  • Set of 28 - 1.75 in. wooden Alphabet Blocks
  • Non-toxic Child-safe inks
  • For ages 2 and up

This set of 16 Educational Braille Alphabet Building Blocks has each colorful wooden block debossed with a letter from the alphabet. Next to each letter is embossed the Braille translation. 

This educational toy is great for families with vision impaired or blind members. The debossed (recessed into the surface of the cube) alphabet letters, and the embossed (raised up in relief on the surface of the cube) braille makes for a tactile learning experience easily traced by little fingers.

Set contains 28 debossed and embossed basswood ABC blocks, measuring 1.75 in.

Non-toxic. Child-safe inks. Ages 2 and up.

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