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Prodigi Desktop electronic magnifier 24 in

Unique and affordable table-top magnifier


Brand : Humanware ||

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Quick Overview
The unique and affordable table-top magnifier that makes seeing and reading comfortable and efficient.
Touch and Tap™ controls: no X-Y table or bulky knobs to turn.
Diamond-Edge Text™ that can be magnified as much as needed without loss of image quality.
Switch from reading documents to listening to them, with the tap of a finger.
Store photos and documents.
Available in your choice of a 20-inch (51 cm) or 24-inch (61 cm) LCD screen.
It's simple
Prodigi has no confusing knobs and dials, and no clumsy X/Y table. Its Touch and Tap TM controls are easy to learn and hard to forget. Just place your document and tap to zoom in and start reading with your preset magnification, enhanced contrast and reading mode. Prodigi uses the same touch controls for the desktop and portable tablet, so it’s simple to use, at home or away.
It’s intelligent
Prodigi's Diamond Edge Text TM can be magnified infinitely without compromising image quality. See images in full color and Diamond Edge Text in enhanced contrast! Or enjoy effortless reading with Prodigi’s many reading modes and smooth flowing text that you can magnify, speed up, slow down or even go back, all without moving your page. And Prodigi can even read aloud if you prefer to sit back and listen!
It’s adaptable
Right out of the box, the Prodigi Desktop’s built-in tutorial guides you through the optimal reading preferences for your unique vision needs. Whatever size, color, contrast, orientation, or speed, Prodigi adapts to you.
Best of all, your preferences follow you wherever you go.
It’s affordable
The Prodigi Desktop model is designed to be a tremendous value.
With HD image quality and its intelligence, no other low vision magnifier can offer more at this price tag.
What’s in the box
Getting Started
User Guide
Tutorial DVD
Warranty sheet
Power Supply
Power cord
Prodigi Desktop

Diamond Edge Text
Prodigi outlines the letters of words in seconds, allowing it to maintain very sharp lines which are easier for you to see. We call this Diamond Edge Text. It allows you to magnify words to any size, without any degradation in the clarity of the letters, unlike other video magnifiers. No more dots for words. No more jagged or fuzzy edges. No more letters losing their shape the more you magnify. And because Prodigi does this, when you get tired, it knows the words of text, and can read aloud for you.
Full Page Capture
If you’ve used CCTVs before, you’ll notice that Prodigi has no X/Y tray to fumble around with back and forth, side to side. That is because Prodigi captures full pages in seconds. And if you want to move around in the document, you use your fingers to move around and magnify your page. Then press a single button to display the text for optimal reading comfort. That sure beats moving that big X/Y tray and getting lost! And since Prodigi captures the entire page, if you get tired and want to listen instead of read, Prodigi can read the text aloud to you, not just the small section you have magnified under the camera like some other systems.
Reading Modes
Prodigi adapts to you. However you want to read, it will give you what you want. Do you find it easier to read in a column like a teleprompter? No problem. You can tell Prodigi to do it that way with everything you want to read. Maybe the best reading style for you is a single line of scrolling words, like a marquee? This way with your limited field of vision, you can concentrate on one spot and read more, faster, with less fatigue. Prodigi can do it. Best of all, with a simple touch, you can stop, start, magnify and adjust the speed of the scrolling text to suit your unique needs.
Prodigi Desktop (20” Screen) Dimension: 458mm x 480 mm x 535 mm (18” x 18.9” x  21”)
Prodigi Desktop (24” Screen) Dimension: 458mm x 556 mm x 535 mm (18” x 21.9” x  21”)
Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Input Current: 2.5 A
Power Consumption: 300W
Optical Specifications
Magnification range – Diamond Edge Text: 1 to 80 X
Magnification range – Colour: 1 to 20 X
Camera resolution: 8 Megapixel
Electronic Specifications
Wireless    802.11 B/G
Bluetooth: Yes
Gyrometer: No
Accelerometer: No
Captured Image Limit: 100 captures
Audio connector type: 3.5 mm
Audio Speakers: Yes (2)
Microphone: No
Screen Type: LED
Screen Resolution (pixels): 1600 x 900 (20”) / 1920 x 1080 (24”)
Input/Output Ports    2 x USB Host / 1 x USB Device / Audio Out

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